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High-Caliber Type

Recently, on Twitter, I posted a guide on High-Caliber Type. I am going to give examples in this newsletter. Type is very important to a developer. Type is the main form on content on most webpages. 95% of a website is Type. Here are a couple of tips to help you nail your typography.

1. Choose the Right Font

There are several options for fonts. Serif and Sans-Serif and Monospaced. What you choose should align with your brand.

Usually it is safe to stick with Serif fonts for long text and sans-serif for bold, loud headlines. But there is no hard and fast rule. Be conscious of your decision though.

Do not use more that 2 fonts on your website. Fonts can add variety, but too much can kill the user experience.


2. Size Matter

Text size is something a lot of developers sometimes struggle with. Again, there is no hard and fast rule, but you want to make your website readable and enjoyable for a user to visit.

A good tip is this, If your website is text heavy, its okay to have larger text. If your website is interaction heavy, then keep your text smaller because the text is not the most important part.



This one I can not stress enough. Font weights are amazing. If you use font weights, you can easily add depth and hierarchy to your website without ever changing the text size.

Use font weights to your advantage. Use bold weights to make text seem bigger and use lighter weights for captions or smaller text


4. Tracking and Leading allow your to website breathe

Tracking and leading are also very important for your website. Leading is the space between lines of text and tracking is space between each character of a word.



I hope you enjoyed this shorter letter. You can see my twitter thread on it here, Follow me for more consistent tips. If you have any feedback just reply to this email!

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